Weapons Charges

Nearly anything can be used as a weapon under Michigan law.  In fact, Judge’s tell juries that a dangerous weapon is any object that is used in a way that is likely to cause serious physical injury or death and that while some objects, like guns, knives or bombs, are dangerous because they are specifically designed to be dangerous, other seemingly peaceful objects can be used as dangerous weapons.  It is the way the object is used that can elevate it to the level of a dangerous weapon.  Assaulting someone with a dangerous weapon is a very serious offense in Michigan carrying significant penalties and it is vitally important to have the attorneys of WMDT in your corner to assess your situation, advise and guide you, and to obtain the best possible result should you find yourself charged with any sort of weapons related offense.

Furthermore, you do not even have to use a dangerous weapon for you to be charged.  The WMDT is seeing increasingly rising rates of clients, who have lawfully purchased and registered a weapon, being charged with illegally carrying or transporting that weapon.  This can mean having the weapon in your vehicle or on your person without properly securing it or having the authority to “carry concealed”.  And while there may be no intent to do any harm with the weapon, it is still a felony offense to do so.  And that makes it all the more important to have competent capable attorneys who know how to effectively argue and advocate on your behalf and protect you from being burdened with a criminal record.

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