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If you have been arrested or charged with a crime choosing a dependable criminal defense attorney can be much easier said than done. Working with the West Michigan Defense Team means you have direct access to a team of criminal defense attorneys who have devoted their legal careers to fiercely protecting the rights and liberties of the criminally accused.  Our team of criminal defense attorneys are well equipped to handle your case.

We serve clients throughout West Michigan, including Kent, Ottawa, Allegan, Barry, Ionia, Montcalm, Muskegon, Newaygo, and Ottawa Counties.

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No other law firm in West Michigan has four highly trained, skilled, and trial-tested criminal defense litigators in one office. The West Michigan Defense Team (WMDT), is truly unique in their approach to high-quality client services. When you retain the legal service of any of our Grand Rapids attorneys, you get the experience of a highly-trained team with over 60 years of combined professional experience.

As attorneys and former prosecutors, we understand the legal system from both sides of the courtroom. We know the prosecutorial tactics and the defenses that work to combat those tactics.


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  • Mr. Lykins went above and beyond for my case. As a first time OWI offender, i had a million questions, and as my court date grew closer, my nerves got the better of me. Jerry was very patient with me and held to his word. He assured me, even from the first consultation “Follow my directions and this is what will happen.” He is very knowledgeable in the processes and a seasoned attorney. I would highly recommend him to anyone who asks.
  • …I was already petrified because I had never been i trouble before or arrested. I was crumbling. Jerry immediately went to bat for me, Jerry fought for me and put in extra time and effort when he didn’t have to because he was court appointed. He was always straight up with me and offered a little sense of humor here and there. I want to thank Jerry for all his hard work with getting my case dismissed so that I can have a second chance to make a good life for my kids and me.
  • I’m grateful I hired Jerry to represent me for several reasons. He is very well-acquainted with the legal process and personally familiar with many of its key players. In this way, he was able to make sure that my case would process through the court smoothly while effectively advocating on my behalf. He was very professional in making sure I felt comfortable and understood what was happening during the multiple stages. I’d strongly recommend Jerry as an attorney.
  • I was refered to Mr. Lykins. I was told he was the best, and they were right. Mr Lykins is very knowledgeable. He is upfront, and explained the whole court proess. Told us the options, and what he wanted to do. He kept me updated the whole time. In my opion he went above and beyond. He worked very hard and many hours to save my family and my son’s future. I can’t thank him enough. There is no one better than Mr. Lykins. I thank him again for not only saving my famly, but saving my son’s future. Thank You.
  • Jason was fantastic. He was responsive, supportive and highly knowledgeable. During difficult times it is important to know you have someone on your side. Jason was certainly that. Jason is personable, professional and willing to fight. I would not have wanted anyone else to handle my divorce and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal advice. Jaime in his office was just as professional and talented, never did I feel slighted when I could not reach Jason knowing that Jaime was there. If you have legal needs you would be foolish not to speak to Jason Jansma.
  • I was recently defended by Jason. I was up for 3rd offense felony DUI. I requested that the 3rd offense felony charge be dropped to 2nd offense OWI, little to no jail time, and have my probation moved to my home county. Jason made good on all my requests! I would recommend Jason to all who want the best possible outcome. He isn’t cheap. But you get, what you pay for!
  • He is a good man. Honest, forthright, not at all intimidating, intelligent. Knows criminal law and can answer questions without hesitation. A very good listener and a man of good character. The last time I needed him for something it turned out well. I said to him it was too bad we are not friends, just client and lawyer. He said he considered us friends. That was nice of him. I will always consider him the best part of bad situation. I have told friends and friends of friends, if you need a lawyer definitely call Jason. Plus he dresses the part. Real classy guy. Am very glad to know him. Thank You.
  • I was referred to Jeff Kortes from another local attorney who did not practice family law but knew Jeff from his criminal law practice. I reached out to Jeff and his assistant Jaime with my legal issue. Both were professional, offered guidance along the way, and were quick to return my emails throughout the process. I was skeptical the courts would be sympathetic to my situation, but Jeff and Jaime assured our strategy was sound and that we had a strong chance of succeeding. We scheduled a hearing date, and Jeff was in fact successful in persuading the court as to all of our legal issues and what we were seeking relative to resolution. I would highly recommend Jeff and Jaime to anyone searching for a family law attorney.
  • Jeff was very knowledgeable about my case and certain details that helped me to get my case reduced. He always responded in a timely manner when I had questions. I would recommend him to friends and family if they ever needed attorney.
  • I am very happy with the services offered by Jeff & Jerry (West Michigan Defense Team). Jeff is a very experienced caring attorney. When I was devastated by my legal problems, Jeff was right there to assist me. He Obviously was concerned and took the time to help me understand more clearly exactly what I could expect. He is a dedicated, aggressive and very attentive attorney.

    A Friend & Trusted Advisor

  • I met Jeff about a year ago during my separation. It was an especially tough time as during the process I was away from my two children. During our first meeting I instantly had the feeling I was in good hands! In a time that was so emotionally charged, Jeff was calm, knowledgeable, deliberate and instantly trustworthy. He knew the system, the law, and was so relaxed and competent in court I felt the weight of my worries disappear. I told Jeff once my divorce was final that through the process hearing from him was enough to get me through the day. He went out of his way to ensure I was informed, not riddled with worry and calm. Working with Jeff was very easy. I felt he was more of a friend than my attorney; and a friend he will remain!! Thank You Jeff! You truly made a difference in every regard.
  • Mark did a terrific job for me helping me through process and plea bargaining with state prosecuting attorney. I believe having him represent me in front of judge helped my sentencing considerably. He knows the system in MI and seems to have the respect of judges and attorneys in the system.
  • Mark P. Hunting is the one you want. Top gun-no joke. Right from the start, you get a feeling this guy is a straight-shooter. I had 13 previous charges on my record, and was charged with using a stolen credit card which is a felony. Mr. Hunting met with me in his office 3 days before Christmas because I needed representation by the 26th. He was there with a smile and a plan. I thought I was going up the river. But not on Mark’s watch, and the amazing firm he represents. I laid out what i was hoping for, thinking that I would only get a few things requested, like no jail time or probation that required classes that I don’t need. Fact is, he got everything I requested and had my probation moved to my home town. He doesn’t over-sell himself in court the way so many other lawyers do. Because of this, in my opinion, he has gained a huge edge in the court room with the judges. This is how good things happen on the sentencing date. He is fearless with over-zealous prosecutors or detectives that might have trumped up your charges a bit. He makes it look good while he’s doing it too. All while reassuring me to stay calm but learn from this. And to put a cherry on top, his firm is priced very reasonable for his experience and the fantastic service I received. Eat your heart out Johnny Cochran! Mark Hunting’s in the house!
  • My grandson got in trouble and my small business attorney recommended Mark P Hunting as a criminal defense attorney. Mark listened as we explained my grandson’s problem, set expectations and followed through achieving best results as described during initial consultation. Mark also quoted a fee not to be exceeded unless court time other than plea and sentencing was required and stuck to it which was much appreciated.