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When you hire the West Michigan Defense Team you are hiring four knowledgeable and skilled attorneys in West Michigan. Our seasoned and trial-tested attorneys set themselves apart from other criminal defense attorneys in West Michigan by offering a team approach when it comes to handling criminal matters. By hiring the West Michigan Defense team, your case receives the attention of four attorneys with more than 60 years of combined legal experience handling 1000’s of criminal law cases.

Our lawyers are skilled trial attorneys and litigators who prepare every case as if it is going to trial. Our attorneys honestly assess your case and determine what course of action they believe to be in a client’s best interest. Many times due to any number of factors, proceeding to trial is not a client’s best option. Our attorneys are ready and willing to proceed down whichever path a client wishes to travel. While a high number of cases ultimately are resolved through plea negotiations, our skilled litigators know that trials are an inevitable and necessary part of the criminal process, and they are not afraid to utilize the trial process when advantageous to our clients.

Serious legal issues call for strong legal representation from an experienced team of trial attorneys who know the law and will fight to protect your best interests. When you’ve been arrested or accused of a crime, seek the knowledge, skill, and the ability to reach a favorable result in your case that our firm offers.

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We believe in protecting our clients through top-notch representation. We deliver positive results for our clients while catering to their individual needs.

When facing criminal charges don’t just hire an attorney, retain an experienced legal TEAM to protect your rights and ensure your freedom.

We are the team of attorneys that other lawyers, police, prosecutors and judges refer friends and family members who are in need of exceptional criminal legal representation.

Our team of attorneys have handled thousands of cases across West Michigan and through out the entire state of Michigan.  As former prosecutors and current criminal defense attorneys we KNOW the tactics used by the prosecution and the strategies to implement in order  to combat these tactics.

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Steven R. Simkins

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Exceptional Attorneys, Protecting YOUR Rights

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