Driver’s License Restoration

The lack of widespread public transportation in West Michigan makes the ability to drive essential for work, school and family related activities.  When you lose your license, for whatever reason, your life is turned upside down and the impact is felt beyond you – reaching out to all those who you now need to rely upon to get from point A to point B on a daily basis.

Whether you’ve lost your license due to multiple drunk driving related offenses, drug related crimes, failing to pay child support, or even a long history of poor driving, the attorneys at WMDT have consistently been able to have their clients ability to drive reinstated.  However, the process to reinstate a driver’s license is complex and confusing to the average person and requires a particular understanding and skill set.  The attorneys at WMDT possess that understanding and skill set and will assist you, guide you and advocate for you to get you back on the road, regardless of the reason for the suspension of your driving privileges.

If your license is revoked, or suspended, instead of disregarding the law and the Secretary of State and subjecting yourself to further criminal charges for Driving While License Suspended, and additional suspensions for driving when you should not be, contact the attorneys at WMDT for a free consultation about getting your license back.

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