Child Pornography

Because of the internet the commission of many types of crimes has increased significantly. This is certainly true of child pornography crimes. Child pornography crimes in West Michigan, as well as all over the country, have the increased attention of law enforcement. If you are charged with possession of child pornography, distribution of child pornography, or manufacture of child pornography, the West Michigan Defense Team has the experience and knowledge to handle your case.

Child pornography cases are prosecuted at both the state and federal level and carry significant penalties. Mere possession of child pornography can result in multiple charges being brought for the same offense due to the multiple criminal statutes that exist to prosecute crimes involving child pornography. It is essential to hire an attorney who knows these laws and has the experience necessary to effectively represent individuals facing charges for child pornography.

Our Approach

We try to get ahead of law enforcement if at all possible. This can be a difficult task because in most situations involving child pornography law enforcement will catch a person off guard by showing up at their residence with a search warrant, and gathering evidence prior to that person even having a chance to speak to an attorney. If you are fortunate enough to be alerted to a possible investigation by law enforcement, we recommend that you immediately contact us, so we can get things headed in the right direction. However, if you were one of those individuals taken completely off guard it is not too late to turn things around by contacting us as soon as you can.

Law enforcement agents charged with investigating child pornography crimes are eager to move forward on these types of charges. This can result in unnecessary prosecution when an individual was not seeking out child pornography online or did not know that it was actually in their possession. If you are truly innocent of the charges against you, we have the knowledge and the experts who can clear your name when facing child pornography charges. We will put forth a vigorous defense and do everything in our power to bring about the correct resolution to your case.

On the other hand, if you do have an issue with pornography that has resulted in the viewing and possession of inappropriate material, we also have resources to assist you with your issues and obtain the best possible result in your case. Through counseling and treatment we have effectively navigated many individuals through the court system and minimized the repercussions of their child pornography case.


Q: I am being charged with possession and distribution of child pornography but didn’t provide any images to anyone, how is this possible?

A: In some situations an individual may unknowingly be providing their saved images to other people online when they are in the process of downloading other images. There are also other scenarios that can lead to a distribution charge where the defendant is unknowingly distributing unlawful pornographic images.

Q: Not only am I being charged with possession of child pornography but also using a computer to commit a crime, but I only was using my phone. How can I be charged with this additional crime?

A: Any device that can gain access to the internet is considered a computer. In addition, prosecutor’s will typically charge an individual with all available crimes they believe have been committed.

Q: My son is being charged with Child Sexually Abusive Activity for sending a picture of himself naked to his girlfriend, what should we do?

A: It is important to seek legal guidance in this matter; such a charge could lead to incarceration along with registry on SORA (Sex Offender Registry), as well as impact his future regarding employment and educational opportunities. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to effectively represent individuals charged under these circumstances and we have effectively handled numerous cases for clients who have been charged with similar offenses.

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