Sex Crimes

Few things stop someone in their tracks more than being accused of sexual assault.  The mere accusation brands someone with a scarlet letter likely to follow them the rest of their life.  That is why it is so important to have the best representation possible when faced with such damning charges and the West Michigan Defense Team is that representation.

There are many wide-ranging actions that are considered sex crimes in Michigan.  The most serious is Criminal Sexual Conduct, 1st Degree and carries up to life in prison, as well as the requirement to register as a sex offender if you were to be released.  Even some significantly lower level sexual related crimes, that do not even involve physical contact with another, can land you on the sex offender registry.  Yet another reason to hire the most effective legal representation in West Michigan.

When someone is being investigated for a sex crime, generally, an investigator will want to speak with them.  You might not know if it is a good idea to speak with an investigator.  However, we do and we can guide you through the investigation process, which will likely take some time and some twists and turns.  The West Michigan Defense Team has been routinely successful in assisting our clients during the investigation phase resulting in no criminal charges being authorized by the prosecuting attorney.  The point being, do not delay in seeking representation if you are under investigation for a sex related crime.

If, however, charges are authorized, we zealously and vigorously defend our clients, every step of the way.  We provide our collective 70-plus years of experience in assisting you to determine the correct course of action and assess the strengths and weaknesses of both the prosecution’s case and our own defenses.  Rest assured, in a scary and troubling time, the West Michigan Defense Team can, and will, get you the best result available.

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